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Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage Restoration

we understand that the current economical situation is not the best one and we promise to do our best in an attempt to come up with a solution that works for everyone.

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Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaning Palo Alto has been active in this area for quite some time now and you have probably already heard of us and our great carpet cleaning and water damage restoration services and offerings.

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Sofa Cleaning

Sofa Cleaning

We are at your continuous disposal 24/7 and in fact all it takes to bring amazing solutions to your home is calling us or contacting us via mail.

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Rug Cleaning & Mold Damage Repair Specialists

How to maximize your investment in your carpet. Tips in cleaning and maintenance for everyone to try.

Do you have any idea how much damage water can inflict to carpets? Will you know what to do if your rugs get damp? Learn more about mold contamination and how to deal with such carpet problems by checking out the following carpet cleaning tips. The best solutions to problems and great stain removal ideas here.

Safe ideas and tips in cleaning the carpets at home. More information can be found below.

Know which cleaning solution fits your carpet

Not all carpets are made the same; each carpet is created using different methods and materials. This means that some cleaning methods might not work properly on certain types of carpets. The experts at Carpet Cleaning Palo Alto suggest that you should also take the time to learn about the type of carpet at home and the material used. That way you will know how to clean it properly without accidentally damaging it.

Pair up different carpet cleaning methods

Carpet stains are very tough to remove. The usual blotting method alone may not work well for certain stains. This makes it important for you to pair up your cleaning method with a cleaning solution. Simply apply the solution first before you begin blotting. This allows you to “weaken” the stain and makes it easier when you use a dry towel to absorb the moisture from the stain.

Protect yourself from carpet mold

Mold is bad for you and getting rid of it is very difficult according to our experts, who suggest avoiding sitting on carpets affected by it. You must also ventilate the room and don't spend too much time in it. If the carpet affected is a removable rug, let it stay outside till mold is cleaned. Don't touch the contaminated areas with naked hands and make sure your hands are washed well. The best solution would be timely and professional mold removal service.

Consider nylon carpets if you have kids and pets as they are the easiest to clean

When you have young children and/or house pets, you would want carpets that can get properly cleaned without much effort. The nylon fibers do not absorb liquids or other types of compounds. That is why it is easy to do damage control when kids spill their orange juice or your pet does its business on the floor.

Take your time when vacuuming carpets and rugs

The slower you work, the better. This is because you will be giving the vacuum enough time to do its job. If you notice that an area still has some debris, go over it once again. Keep in mind that more powerful suction will not compensate for quicker strokes. Quite the opposite, it may have a damaging effect on the fibers.

Taking care of blood stains

Blood stains are easy to remove from your carpet if you know the right procedure. First, loosen up the stained area with water and a mild detergent; then scrape off as much blood as you can from the carpet fibers. Next, apply a 50-50 solution of hydrogen peroxide and water to the stain, and then blot with a towel and the stain should be gone. Call our experts for advice whenever you need help with a stain you can't remove satisfactorily

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